Captain (ᐳ3.000 GT)

CAPTAIN (> 3.000 GT)

Corporate culture

ForestWave Navigation is a rapidly growing ambitious shipping company with a 24/7 no-nonsense mentality. We have a flat management structure to allow and, more importantly, encourage greater responsibility throughout the organisation, including your function on board.

Due to the expansion of our fleet, we are urgently looking for new employees. At the moment we have several job openings for Captains. Next to being accurate and flexible we expect you to be pro-active in decision-making.

Terms of employment

  • Short communication lines
  • Competitive salary
  • Depending on the trading areas, 8 weeks on / 8 weeks off, or 10 weeks on / 10 weeks off, and
  • As most of our vessels sail Dutch flag, having sailed on a Dutch flag vessel and/or having a Dutch license is well appreciated

Interested in applying for the job?

Please send your job application and resume indicating the job you are applying for to